"Finding Our Way" is a feature-length documentary giving a behind-the-scenes look at the work of Thistle Farms, a justice social enterprise advocating for women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and addiction.


Located in Nashville, TN, Thistle Farms offers women survivors:


  • safe & supportive housing

  • meaningful jobs

  • a lifelong sister of support


LENGTH: 60-90 minutes

SCHEDULE:  Production (2019 - 2020)

RELEASE:  Nashville Film Festival, Oct 2020


“Finding Our Way” will provide a platform for women to share their story.  Through each woman’s story, the viewer will also become familiar with Thistle Farms, the history of the organization, best practices developed over the years and the unique challenges the organization faces.

This documentary is a collection of stories of individuals taking the next step towards growth and change in recovery.  It’s set in the midst of an organization confronted with growth and change itself, especially when there is no model to look to for guidance.  What does it look like to grapple with fear, hope and love in a community where tomorrow is unknown?

“Finding Our Way”  is also an invitation to dream about ways we can transform our communities and how we each have a role to play in that process. 

"Any inch in the right direction, no matter how slight,

is a victory in itself.  It is all that matters.  

You do not have to see the top of the mountain to still arrive there. 

You just have to keep walking." 

-Brianna Wiest 

"By offering wholesome, living wage employment along with two years of free housing and strong community support, Thistle Farms is transforming the lives of women through love and business.”

-Simon Mainwaring, Forbes

The purpose of this documentary is to:


  • introduce viewers to Thistle Farm' work

  • inform viewers about the systemic injustices that make Thistle Farms’ mission important

  • serve as a guide for other organizations

  • inspire viewers to take action in their community



Since 1997, Thistle Farms has been developing a free, holistic recovery model that creates generational change, one woman at a time.  Since 1997, over 300 women have graduated with an 88.5% success rate 2 years post-graduation.  


On average Thistle Farms saves Tennessee over $800,000 a year and its two-year program costs less than incarcerating a woman for the same amount of time.  As the largest social enterprise run by survivors in the US, Thistle Farms is a model for over 35 sister organizations across the country and has built global partnerships empowering and employing women in Rwanda, Mexico, and Greece.

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